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Lite Heart · Tier 1

Lite Heart · Tier 1

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Lite Heart: He's the guy I'm supposed to avoid. I have to stop this. It can't happen. And yet…there is something about him that draws me in—a hint of vulnerability, a flash of attraction, a spark that might burn.

Hold on tight, my friends, because this is the perfect way to test the goods! While it may not have all the razzle-dazzle of the paid level, it's still packed with goodies that will make you jump for joy. Here's what you'll get because, let's face it, freebies are like a magical unicorn sighting:

  • Community Access: Dive headfirst into the heart of our book community and join the vibrant conversations in our General Discussion area. It's the perfect spot to connect with fellow bookworms, share your thoughts, and unleash your bookish enthusiasm. It's like having a front-row seat to a lively literary circus!
  • Free Reads in the Library: Lose yourself in a selection of free stories that range from lighthearted to dark, but all of them are steamy. 

And that's not all! As a bonus, you'll be treated to my periodic posts about life's craziness, my blended family adventures (seriously, my kids are on a mission to melt my brain), writing updates, and juicy recommendations for books and movies that have captured my heart and imagination.

While you may not have access to all the bells and whistles, there's still plenty of magic and spicy mischief to be found. Connect with fellow readers, indulge in sexy stories, and let your bookish spirit soar!

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