THREE cruel wolves who could be her saviors if they don't destroy her first…

Morrigan ran away to seize control of her destiny and body, only to be trapped and auctioned to the highest, most ferocious bidders: THREE wolves, black of heart and ravenous in their desire.

SOREN, a leader as fierce as he is cold. RONAN, a shadowy figure whose growls resonate with something dark and otherworldly. RHYS, a tormentor whose pleasure lies in games and mead... and breaking their new possession. 

Morrigan isn't a slave. Her secrets are her armor, and discovery means a fate worse than the cruelty of her harsh masters—a forced marriage to a man who chills her to the bone.

Escape seems impossible, but the THREE wicked MEN are not all they seem. Beneath their tragic pasts lies something that may just save her—if it doesn't devour her first.

Can she escape these THREE dangerous MEN who have begun to show her that there is more to them than their tragic pasts? And can she trust them not to throw her to the wolves if they discover her secrets?

Craved by the Alpha is the first book in my new Keepers of the Shadowlands series, a dark fantasy romance. If you like enemies to lovers, deliciously dark (and morally grey) antiheroes, and love stories with a bite, you will adore this book.

Author’s Note: Unapologetically dark and irresistible, this dark romance has aspects of bullying. It ends on a Happily For Now note, with no cliffhangers or cheating! If THREE men vying for one woman's heart excites you, this reverse harem is your next obsession. Questions about content? Reach out to AC James directly.