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The BookFunnel App and BookFunnel Cloud Reader – Supported Devices

When you receive a book from A.C. James, you can read it in the BookFunnel app or in our browser-based cloud reader. Some ebooks are only available in our app or cloud reader, but most can also be downloaded in EPUB, MOBI, or PDF format and read in a different app or device.

The BookFunnel App

You can use the BookFunnel app to read or listen to your BookFunnel ebooks and audiobooks.

The BookFunnel App can be installed on these mobile devices:

  • iOS 11+ (2017) Most iPads and iPhones released since 2013 were updated to iOS 11 and can install the BookFunnel App. iPod Touches that were updated to iOS 11 can also install the app.
  • Android 5.1+ (2013) Android devices running at least Android 5.1 can install the BookFunnel app from the Google Play Store.
  • Amazon Fire Tablet 5th Gen+ (2015) All Amazon Fire Tablets released since 2015 (and most 2014 4th Gen tablets too) can install the BookFunnel app.
  • NOOK Tablet (2016) NOOK tablets released since 2016 can download the BookFunnel App from the Google Play Store.

The BookFunnel App cannot be installed on any e-Ink reading device, including Kindle Paperwhite, Touch, and Voyage, NOOK Glowlight, Kobo ereader, etc.

The BookFunnel Cloud Reader and Player

The BookFunnel Cloud Reader is a cross-platform, browser-based ebook reader and audiobook player. It does not use any storage space on your device and requires a constant internet connection to stream the content.

To access the BookFunnel Cloud Reader, visit on any supported computer or mobile device.

The BookFunnel Cloud Reader is supported on these devices:

  • PC, Mac, and Unix Computers Our cross-platform cloud reader works on all modern computer browsers. Most older operating systems are also supported when using the latest (supported) version of Chrome or Firefox.
  • iOS 10+ (2016) Most iPads and iPhones released since 2012 were updated to iOS 10 and can access the BookFunnel Cloud Reader. iPod Touches that were updated to iOS 10 can also access the reader.
  • Android 4.0+ (2012)
  • Amazon Fire Tablets 2nd Gen+ (2012)
  • NOOK Tablets (2014) The Samsung Galaxy NOOK was released in 2014 and can access the BookFunnel cloud reader.

These Devices Are Not Supported

These devices cannot access the cloud reader or install the BookFunnel App:

  • E-Ink devices, including Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Touch, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Oasis, NOOK Glowlight, Kobo Aura, Kobo Clara, etc.
  • Internet Explorer (Install Chrome or Firefox!)
  • Kindle Fire 1st Gen (2011)
  • NOOK Color (2010)
  • NOOK Tablet (2011)
  • NOOK HD (2012)