Nerd Meets Curvy - 1/16/24

    Hey there, I'm AC James, and while I'm a dedicated domestic violence advocate, I'm also all about celebrating fresh starts and real love in my stories. NERD MEETS CURVY is all about the power of starting over, finding out that love and trust are what really matter. It's a story that shows us who we love says a lot about how we love ourselves. Can't wait for you to dig in!

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    Ride: Bad Hangover #5 (Cyn & Fallon's Story)

    Craved By The Alpha (Why Choose Paranormal Romance)

    Twisted Ties (Mafia Romance)

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    Ride Special Edition Kickstarter

    Deluxe Omnibus or Special Edition Trilogy of "Ride," my Celtic Puca shifter series? Both options will have all the fancy trimmings like sprayed edges, but the trilogy in a slipcase will need a bit more gold to make it happen.

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Ride is a Celtic Puca Shifter Serial Romance set in the Isle of the Horse Shifters. Ancient myths and modern passion intertwine in a portal fantasy that whisks you away to a realm where the mysterious Puca shifters, legendary creatures of Celtic lore navigate the turbulent waters of love, destiny, and power. Every four episodes, a new couple takes the center stage, revealing complex characters and intense emotion. The battle for love and survival is as wild and unpredictable as their shifting natures, set against the lush backdrop of the Celtic landscape. Perfect for fans of paranormal romance who crave a blend of folklore and heart-stirring narratives. Caution: Brace for cliffhangers! Fans often choose to binge the bundles for an uninterrupted, exhilarating ride to each couple's happily ever after.



Get the full color paperback with illustrations created by Ron Gamble, the author's husband. Includes a special insert with the author's handwritten signature on the title page and chapter artwork, available exclusively through direct purchase. 

*This will never be available on retailers.

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James resides in the Philadelphia suburbs with her adoring husband Ron (aka Mr. A.C. James), who loves her imaginative yarns and punny sense of humor. She’s also a domestic violence advocate and discusses intimate partner violence and addiction to raise awareness on social media and through her writing. Many of her books include themes like alcoholism or addiction. If you love books that feature underdogs and redemption, her stories will capture your heart.

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Get ready for a scorching interview as Elle Greco puts AC James on the Steam Seat! They dive deep into thought-provoking topics like the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp trial, the troubling dynamics witnessed within romancelandia, and society's tendency to doubt accusers while protecting abusers. Together, they navigate these complex issues and shed light on the challenges survivors face. They also unravel the shame around women's pleasure and body image. And then take a playful detour into encounters of the extraterrestrial kind (wink wink). Because Elle Greco treats listeners to a steamy reading from one of AC James's spicy books. Get ready to fan yourself! 🌶️🌶️🌶️

If you're ready to indulge in juicy conversations and have a damn good time, join Elle Greco and AC James on the Steam Seat. Trust me—it will leave you craving more. Let's get steamy!