Her rules were simple:

1. Trust no one.

2. No repeats, no attachments. 

3. Just mind-blowing orgasms. 

Harper O’Malley’s world wasn’t complicated. Her career came first. She didn’t want to get married, have kids, or any of that white-picket-fence-propaganda. Her favorite pastime? Hooking up with different men every night. Her days were spent as a high-profile attorney and Harper was good. She could fix anything. 

Until an encounter rocked her carefully constructed world…

Enter Parker. He can’t deny his desire for the stunning and seductive Harper. He must confront a scandal that puts his career as a football player with the Miami Lightning in danger.

Harper must represent him in a defamation case caused by a conniving woman claiming to be his ex-girlfriend. 

Will Harper trust the client she’s representing is telling the truth and give into her growing attraction? Or will this con artist ruin both his skyrocketing career and any chance at love?