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Courageous Heart · Tier 2

Courageous Heart · Tier 2

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Courageous Heart: He's intense, filthy, and forbidden. If I were smart, I'd walk away. Lines are getting blurred. Boundaries are tested, and rules are about to be broken.

Buckle up because, for just $5 a month, you're in for a wild ride packed with goodies. Here's what you'll get, and trust me, it's better than a basket of kittens:

  • Everything in previous tiers.
  • Early Release Chapters (Unedited): Dive headfirst into the worlds of the Ride (currently ongoing and oh-so-sexy), and get a sneak peek into the dark and seductive realm of Ever Dark Immortals.
  • Voting Galore: Your opinion matters, my dear! Get in on the action and vote for book titles, cover designs, and more. Help shape the destiny of these fabulous stories, and let your voice be heard!
  • Early Access to All the Art: Feast your eyes on stunning cover designs and character art before anyone else. You'll be the envy of all your bookish friends.
  • Access to Completed Stories: Delve into completed stories that wrap you in a smoking hot bad boy embrace. It's like finding the perfect slice of cake at the end of an epic buffet.
  • eBook Copies of All My New Releases: Stay ahead of the curve and savor the thrill of reading my new releases before they hit the shelves!

The same tier is priced at $6.00 on Ream Stories due to the platform's 30% fee structure. By subscribing directly through my store, you can enjoy savings and take advantage of a one-month free trial, so there's no risk.


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