Chapter Seven


Kat glanced at her backseat. Even though Kat’s Jeep Wrangler was a four-door and fit five people, three hunky aliens sure took up a lot of space. She had some Kohl’s Cash that would expire if she didn’t use them soon.

Her stomach fluttered as she thought about how close she came to giving in to passion with Ferrix. Her body ached for him, and she still wondered what sex would’ve been like with an alien. Rick was a huge Trekkie, and they curled up in front of old episodes together. There was a Klingon named Worf who had two penises. Kat was curious about Ferrix’s body.

Heat spread across her face as she gripped the steering wheel. Ferrix was staring at her from the passenger seat, amusement and lust glittering in his eyes. His gaze made her squirm in the driver’s seat. “Why do you keep looking at me like that?”

Ferrix grinned. “The answer is no. We do not have two penises.”

Her jaw dropped open, but she recovered and snapped her mouth shut. “You heard that?”

“Yes. I can hear every thought in your head.”

“Oh, my God.” He’d seen the images in her mind as she wondered whether they had two penises. She didn’t mean to ask him that. Kat had a hard time focusing on the road. “You need to stop doing that to me. It’s hardly fair.”

“Maybe you should stop thinking about my brother’s dick then. Not scanning your thoughts can be difficult because the reflex is natural,” Nin said, shrugging from the backseat.

“Even if we couldn’t read your thoughts, your feelings are pretty obvious. You’re thinking about mating with Ferrix, and your desire is clear,” Xavi chimed in.

Ferrix cleared his throat. “You can stay mad at me if you want to, but I don’t think that’s what you want. It turns me on the way that you’re thinking about me. I also like looking at you when you’re embarrassed, especially how your cheeks turn pink.”

Kat still couldn’t believe that he could read her thoughts, and she wondered about his powers. “What else can you do besides read my mind? What are you?”

Ferrix’s gaze moved to her hands on the steering wheel as if he didn’t like not being in control of the vehicle. “I’m an Olethian, and so is my brother. We’re an ancient race of warriors since before time was time, but my brother is more of a scientist, though.”

“I study genetics, and I’m trying to save our civilization,” Nin said.

Kat glanced to the backseat again. This situation was so surreal. “Is that why you need to pair bond?”

“Yes,” Ferrix said, suddenly serious.

Kat glanced at Ferrix again. “What will happen if you don’t find mates to pair bond with?”

“We will die.”

Her eyes widened, and her lush pink lips parted. “Why?”

Nin answered her from the backseat. “My brother and I are from a planet similar to yours. We are isolated and lack diversity, and we hope to change that because diverse genes would help with our fertility challenges.”

Kat shook her head. “I don’t understand. You two appear human. You breathe, you eat, and you speak our language. How is that?”

“We’re from a hidden planet many light-years from Earth, but we can interact with humans because our technology is advanced in certain ways.”

“F.U.C.K.D.E.E.P is most helpful,” Xavi added.

Ferrix winced. “Not always.”

Kat laughed. “I know you came to earth to find mates, but I don’t understand because if you researched anything on that computer, you’d know our planet has its issues.”

“Our people are cerebral, but fertility is an issue amongst our women. We’ve been trying to find a way to change that, but nothing has worked. Ferrix and I share the same father but different mothers because of the fertility problems on our planet.”

“I thought you took pair-bonding seriously and mated for life,” Kat said.

“We do,” Ferrix said. “Our father is mated to both of them, but I will only take one mate. More than that is far too complicated for me.”

Kat still couldn’t believe she was sitting next to a warrior who could read minds. “So you can read minds, but what else can you do?”

“I’m stronger, faster, and have better senses than humans,” Ferrix said matter-of-factly.

“You’re a warrior race, so I imagine you’ve gotten into your fair share of fights,” Kat said.

Ferrix laughed. “You have no idea how many fights I’ve been in.”

“I think Ferrix lost count a long time ago, but I’m more of a lover than a fighter,” Xavi said.

They pulled into the Kohl’s parking lot, and Kat glanced at Ferrix. “Okay, let’s go.”

The three men climbed out of the car and headed toward the front entrance. Kat grabbed her purse and followed behind them, her body on fire with desire as she watched their asses. They were hard to keep up with because their legs were much longer than hers. Kat stared at their muscles and had to admit that she was impressed. She could tell how strong Ferrix was because she felt his muscles rippling beneath her hands when they kissed. Kat had just never seen him in action. Maybe she should buy something sexy for herself. But first, she wanted to find suitable clothes to blend in better.

Kat stopped in front of the first department she saw with men’s clothing and made a beeline for the racks. She grabbed a few shirts and jeans.

Kat tossed them to the guys. “Try these on.”

Ferrix began unbuttoning his pants, and Kat gasped, reaching out to still his hands. “Not here!”

Confusion flashed across Ferrix’s face. “Where do we try these on?”

“In the fitting room.” Kat let go of his calloused hand.

Xavi leveled her with a scowl. “Why do we need to try these on if we’re getting them in our size?”

“Because I want to see if you’ll look good in them.” Kat’s hands flew up because Xavi had irked the crap out of her.

Nin shot Xavi a look, daggers to silence his complaining. “Where do we find this fitting room?”

“Come on. I’ll show you.” Kat motioned for them to follow her. The three aliens obliged her, heading to the back of the department store. The fitting rooms were empty on a weekday afternoon. She stopped outside one of the open stalls and glanced over her shoulder at them. “Which one do you want to try on first?”

“This one.” Ferrix stepped inside, and the other two aliens followed him.

Kat peeked inside as Ferrix unbuttoned his shirt. He had a sexy chest, and his ridged abdominal muscles showed six-pack abs. She bit her lip and turned away. “I’ll be back to check on you in a minute.”

“We have no secrets from each other.” There was laughter filling Ferrix’s voice. “There is no need for you to turn away.”

Kat blushed, taken off guard by his flirtation. “I’m going to pick something up for myself. Try not to get into any trouble while I’m gone.”

She turned and headed to the women’s department. Kat browsed through the selection but ended up at a row of clothes on clearance. A form-fitting red dress stood out from the others on the rack. The dress was a pure red, not pink, almost like a drop of blood on pure white snow. Kat grabbed it along with a few others and carried them to the dressing room. She tried the dresses in front of the mirror and picked two, including the red one. Then she returned to check on how the men made out with the items she chose for them.

When she opened the curtain to check on Ferrix, he was completely naked. Her eyes widened at seeing his cock for the first time. Ferrix grinned, not missing the quick flick of her gaze over him. His cock was as impressive as the rest, long and thick with a slight upward curve.

Kat cleared her throat, embarrassed, and turned on by him. “You need to put some clothes on.”

Ferrix grinned again. “What makes you think I want to put clothes on?”

“Oh, my God.” Kat hadn’t meant to murmur the words aloud.

“Do you like what you see?” Ferrix’s suggestive tone sounded cocky. The alien was well endowed and a specimen of male perfection.

Kat stared at his muscular body, unable to form a coherent thought. Nin and Xavi stood in various stages of undress. All of them stared at her, waiting. Her eyes dropped to Ferrix’s dick again. Kat licked her lips when she looked at his cock, a drop of clear liquid seeping from its slit. She wondered if his cock would taste as good as it looked. Kat imagined how the smooth, hard, silky skin would feel in her mouth. She imagined sucking and tasting him before he took her against the dressing room wall.

Kat shook the images out of her head, ignoring his question. “Are you guys done trying on the clothes I brought you?”

He reached out and grasped her by the wrist, pushing his cock into her hand. Ferrix wrapped his hand in hers, palms and thick fingers enclosing her pale and delicate ones. She gasped as her fingers closed around his thick shaft. It pulsed in her hand, erect and hungry.

Ferrix leaned down, so they were eye-to-eye, repeating the question she’d ignored. “Do you like what you see?”

The drop of pre-cum still hung from his cock, waiting for her to lick it away. Her heartbeat was rushing in her ears. “Yes.”

Ferrix grinned at her again, letting go of her hand. “Good.”

With a self-assured smirk, Ferrix grabbed his pants, pulling them on, leaving her to gape in stunned disbelief.

Her nostrils flared, and her skin was on fire as she turned away.

Nin cleared his throat. “We are done.”

“Fine. Get dressed so we can pay for your clothes and leave,” Kat muttered. “I’ll wait for you by the registers.”

They didn’t argue with her and dressed. Once they finished, they met her upfront. The woman behind the register was checking Ferrix out. Maybe he didn’t notice her or simply ignored the auburn-haired beauty behind the register whose eyes riveted on his body. A strange pang of jealousy streaked through her even though she had no right. She pushed the thought aside as they left the store and piled into her Jeep. Kat spent the rest of the ride home trying to forget about the woman checking them out and ignoring the awkward silence.
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