The Hot List - May 23, 2023

The Hot List - May 23, 2023

Attention all romance book readers! Brace yourselves for new paranormal romance, science fiction romance, contemporary or dark romance, and historical romance. Explore this week's scorching hot new book releases! They promise steamy encounters, heartwarming connections, thrilling adventures, and timeless tales of love. Find your cozy reading nook, brew a cup of tea, and surrender to the irresistible spell woven by these spellbinding stories.

Get your hands on these must-reads now! 

***These condensed book blurbs will give you a taste of the captivating stories awaiting you. For more details and to dive into the magic of each book, click the link to view them on Amazon or visit the author's website.  

The Alpha's Regret by Reece Barden

Reece Barden - The Alpha's Regret

Nathan, the carefree playboy bachelor, relishes the perks of being the Alpha's brother and avoids the idea of finding a mate due to past heartaches. However, when his destined partner enters the packhouse, everything changes. Now, he craves love, family, and a blissful forever, but he must act swiftly to protect her from lurking dangers targeting the Grey Ridge pack.


Harbored In Silence by Carrie Ann RyanCarrie Ann Ryan - Harbored in Silence

A feared Harvester Death Witch on the run, I hold the world's destiny in my touch. With the coven fallen and vampires closing in, I embark on a mission to find hidden allies to save our Pack and ensure their safety. Alongside Cruz, my forbidden mate, I'll defy fate once more for our love and ultimate destiny.

An Oath At Midnight

Sherilee Gray - An Oath at Midnight

After a devastating choice tore my family apart, I bear the haunting scars of our survival. Bram, my loyal best friend, has changed and harbors dark secrets that both frighten and ignite a forbidden desire within me. When danger strikes and his truths unravel, I must confront buried emotions and fight for a happiness I once deemed impossible, as our coven's fate hangs in the balance.

Alastor by Julie Morgan
Julie Morgan - Alastor In the realm of darkness, an unconventional connection sparks a glimmer of hope. Alastor, the ruthless executioner of Hell, finds himself drawn to the damaged soul of Ariana Sanchez, defying his long-held disinterest in humans. As their forbidden touch reveals an impossible future, Alastor must choose between embracing love or succumbing to his destructive nature in this enticing installment of the Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld series. Explore a world of passion, empowered women, and demon desires in Alastor and discover the ultimate fate that awaits their entwined souls.


You Got Alien Trouble by Honey PhillipsHoney Phillips - You Got Alien Trouble!
Amidst a struggling farm, an ominous neighbor, and an unexpected alien visitor, Rosie fights to hold onto what's rightfully hers. However, when the wounded extraterrestrial claims she is his mate, she must navigate between hope and chaos. Will the enigmatic alien be the solution to her challenges or an added complication she can't handle? Discover the thrilling tale of Rosie's fate as she confronts a choice that could change her life forever.

Council of Poseidon by Arizona TapeArizona Tape - Council Of Poseidon

There’s no doubt that Aurelia takes her position as Poseidon seriously, which includes hiring the right person for the job, even if that’s her ex.

 Katerina has always been determined to not let her heart get in the way of her career, so when she's given a chance to become a High Priestess, she knows she has to take it, even if it means her ex is now her boss.

 Will they take hold of the second chance the fates have offered them?


Opal by Freya BarkerFreya Barker - Opal

GEM Operator Opal is a versatile and adaptable force, blending seamlessly into her undercover missions. When she infiltrates a youth center haunted by her own past, she becomes determined to uncover the truth behind the missing teenagers, even at the risk of her own safety. Amidst the investigation, an FBI agent emerges, initially threatening her cover but eventually becoming her unexpected ally and love interest as they work together to expose an organized group of child predators.


Blaze by L.H. CoswayL.H. Cosway - Blaze: An Oreylia Novel

Darya's escape from the Prison of Thorns is just the beginning of her perilous journey. With her loved ones safe but Vasilios and Sven trapped in Oreylia, she refuses to abandon them, even if it means leaving behind Peter and risking their relationship. As she faces the uncertainties of her fate and realizes the prophecy's unexpected twist, Darya's future hangs in the balance in this gripping installment of L.H. Cosway's Blood Prophecy Series, where each book must be read in order for the full experience.


BreathlessMegan Linski - Breathless

Prepare for a captivating twist on The Little Mermaid as Adrian, Poseidon's son, yearns to abandon his life as a merman and find love on land. When he saves Isa from a treacherous storm, he falls head over fins for her. In a race against time, Adrian must prove his love before the sea warlock's deal traps him underwater forever. Dive into the magical realm of Twisted Fairy Tales: Enchanted Fables, a shared universe where beloved fairy tales intertwine with modern magic, offering unique spins on familiar tales in these enthralling fantasy romance and urban paranormal novels.


City of Vicious NightClaire Winn - City of Vicious Night

Asa, a runaway heiress with dangerous secrets, joins Riven's smuggler gang, finding solace in stolen kisses amidst gunfights and heists. However, when a mysterious hacker and a city-wide conspiracy threaten their lives, Asa and Riven must decide if they'll risk everything to protect their crew and a city that despises them.



King's TrophySam Crescent - King's Trophy

Holly Allan is finally free from a loveless marriage to a cheating jerk. Nine years she devoted her life to a man who didn’t know how to be faithful. Mason knows what Holly's ex-husband failed to recognize—the priceless treasure she truly is. One taste of her is not enough; he refuses to let Holly slip away. Mason understands hunger, desperation, and longing intimately, but he cannot let his dangerous world intertwine with hers. He's the embodiment of darkness, a beast with a horde of enemies, yet when her ex-husband threatens to unveil his true identity, Mason faces an impossible choice. Can he protect their sizzling connection without losing everything? 


Identity by Nora RobertsNora Roberts - Identity

repare for a heart-pounding thriller as the #1 New York Times-bestselling author delves into a chilling tale of icy malevolence and one woman's battle to reclaim her life. Morgan Albright, a former Army brat, finds her carefully constructed world shattered when a seemingly charming IT guy named Luke turns out to be a heartless con artist named Gavin. Now on the run and forced to rebuild her life, Morgan encounters Miles Jameson, a steadfast man with a deep-rooted family history. But Gavin is relentless in his pursuit of new victims, and Morgan soon realizes that her nightmare is far from over.

Deserving Reese by Susan Stoker AudiobookSusan Stoker - Deserving Reese


Buckle up for a thrilling ride as love ignites between Reese and Gus, her brother's irresistible best friend. Gus will stop at nothing to safeguard her, even if it means defying distance and dangerous circumstances. As they embark on a daring rescue mission, their connection deepens, setting the stage for an audiobook experience packed with passion, suspense, and unforgettable romance. Brace yourself for "Deserving Reese," the gripping third installment of the Refuge series, where love and danger collide. Available now as a captivating new audiobook release, this pulse-pounding story will leave you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Rebel at Heart by Zoe YorkZoe York - Rebel At Heart

Prepare for the captivating conclusion of the Kincaid Brothers series! This swoon-worthy, humorous, and angsty small-town romance is a second chance that will fulfill your hot mechanic fantasies. Monica Fischer embarks on a journey to make amends with her ex-husband, Josh Kincaid, revealing the truth about their failed annulment and the need for a divorce. As a spring snowstorm brings them together, they must face their unresolved feelings, lingering resentment, and painful truths in this compelling tale that will keep you engaged until the very end.


Charm Me by Samantha ChaseSamantha Chase - Charm Me

In the charming town of Laurel Bay, Jamie Donovan has effortlessly charmed everyone... except for one unexpected challenge: a baby. As he takes the reins of his family's pub, his perfectly orchestrated life takes an unexpected turn when a baby appears on his doorstep, leaving him clueless about childcare and running a business. Turning to his siblings for help, he soon finds himself becoming roommates with Fallon Murphy, his sworn rival. Together, they navigate the complexities of caring for the baby, while uncovering hidden feelings and discovering the potential for a new kind of family. Will this tiny bundle of joy bridge the divide between adversaries and ignite a love they never anticipated? Find out in this captivating tale where rivals become roommates and so much more.


The Kingmaker by Kennedy RyanKennedy Ryan - The Kingmaker

Get ready to be captivated by the gripping All the King's Men duology, brought to you by the beloved and RITA-award-winning author Kennedy Ryan.

Maxim Cade, a rebel at heart, wants nothing to do with his family's oil empire and sets out to build his own empire far from home.

When Maxim crosses paths with Lennix Hunter during a life-changing protest, sparks fly, and despite the family conflicts and deep-rooted hatred, their hearts are undeniably drawn together, defying all distance and time.

Join them on an extraordinary journey of love, resilience, and undeniable connection in this enthralling tale that will leave you yearning for more. 


Claim by Sienna SnowSienna Snow - Claim

Prepare to be consumed by the addictive and dangerously hot world of Violent Delights in Sienna Snow's captivating series opener, CLAIM.

Damon Pierce, a possessive Dom with a notorious reputation, indulges submissive women for only one night, prioritizing their safety above all. Emotional entanglements are off-limits, especially with brazen and beautiful Sophia Morelli, the sister of his closest friend. Despite their undeniable connection and the irresistible allure she exudes, Damon's dark past and the peril he poses loom overhead.


The Darkest KingJuliette N. Banks - The Darkest King

Enter the gripping world of The Dark Kings of NYC with The Darkest King, a dark and spicy billionaire mafia romance.

Connor Barrett, the powerful and vengeful man at the heart of NYC, is consumed by his quest for retribution against the mafia who annihilated his family. However, when he encounters Mia, a seductive mafia princess, his priorities are challenged. As he becomes her fake fiancé to infiltrate her family, unexpected events unfold, and he finds himself entangled in saving her life.

Welcome to The Dark Kings of NYC, where desire and danger collide in a world where love is both a weapon and a salvation.


Maggie's Match by Jill SandersJill Sanders - Maggie's Match

Get ready for a heartwarming journey in the small town of Fairplay, Texas, where Margaret Jackson takes charge and leaves Ricky's games behind to find her true self.

When Rick returns home only to discover Maggie has vanished, he's struck by the realization that he lost his heart to her long before he even knew how to spell his own name. Determined not to let this chance slip away, he's ready to prove to Maggie the depth of his feelings and the man he can be.

Join Maggie and Rick as they navigate second chances and unexpected twists in this captivating tale of love, self-discovery, and the power of embracing what truly matters.


Scoring The PlayerRebecca Jenshak - Scoring The Player

Get ready to dive into the captivating world of Valley U, where the shy wallflower's life takes an unexpected turn when a private conversation about her desires for the campus' hottest QB goes viral. Suddenly, she becomes the center of attention and the subject of jokes, until the tables turn and the very guy she fantasized about proposes to be her fake boyfriend for six weeks.


Under Cover by Amy LaneAmy Lane - Under Cover (Dreamspinner Press)

Get ready for a thrilling ride alongside Judson Crosby and Calix Garcia as they embark on a dangerous journey in the elite law enforcement branch of the SCTF. With their partnership stronger than ever, they not only catch criminals but also find themselves irresistibly drawn to each other. However, when a threat from Crosby's past resurfaces, their lives and the safety of their team hang in the balance, pushing them to risk everything for a chance to live their lives in the light and protect the love they've discovered. Join them in this high-stakes battle where danger lurks at every turn and love becomes their ultimate weapon.


The Duchess Takes A HusbandHarper St. George - The Duchess Takes a Husband

Step into the dazzling world of London's high society as Camille, the audacious Duchess of Hereford, and Jacob Thorne, the alluring co-owner of Montague Club, set the stage ablaze with their scandalous arrangement. With Camille's bold proposition and a quest for pleasure, their journey becomes an exhilarating game of desire and risk that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Prepare for a sizzling battle of hearts and the irresistible allure of passion as they navigate the treacherous waters of love, lust, and society's expectations. Perfect for fans of Bridgerton!


The Viscount Who Vexed MeJulia London - The Viscount Who Vexed Me

Get ready for a dazzling tale of wit, charm, and undeniable chemistry! Meet Hattie Woodchurch, a determined heroine with a plan to escape her embarrassing family, and Mateo Vincente, the handsome Duke of Santiava who has captured the ton's attention. As Hattie becomes Mateo's correspondence secretary, their friendship flourishes, leading to a delightful game of secrets and desires. With Flora's infatuation complicating matters, Hattie and Mateo must navigate a world of hidden feelings and scintillating conversations, setting the stage for a captivating romance you won't be able to resist!


Matching The MarquessDarcy Burke - Matching the Marquess

Marquess Benjamin Nash is in desperate need of a marriage, but he wants a practical arrangement devoid of love. When he hires a matchmaker, he's shocked to discover she's the widow he once pursued. Despite the lingering attraction, they agree to keep things professional. As they embark on a matchmaking mission, Rebecca must confront her past and Benjamin's surprising support forces her to question if she can risk a second chance at love. However, with Benjamin seeking only a casual affair, Rebecca must find him a bride before her own heart becomes entangled.


Treasure Me by Robyn DeHartRobyn DeHart - Treasure Me

Unveiling the enigma of Loch Ness, Graeme Langford, the daring Duke of Rothmore, embarks on a quest for a long-lost stone that holds ancient secrets. In his pursuit, he crosses paths with Vanessa Pembrooke, a spirited bookworm seeking adventure and the mythical creature itself. As their fiery passion ignites, they become entangled in a perilous race against time, determined to safeguard the precious jewel from a ruthless murderer. Amidst treacherous challenges and hidden desires, they must unlock the greatest treasure of all—love. Welcome to the exclusive realm of Solomon's Club, where extraordinary gentlemen converge to pursue their insatiable passions, each vying for the discovery of a lifetime as the fearless Legend Hunters.


A Widow's Perfect Rogue by Anna St. ClaireAnna St. Claire - A Widow's Perfect Rogue

In the captivating world of the Wicked Widows' League, Miss Francesca (Frankie) Wickersham and Viscount Thomas Latham are thrust into an unwanted marriage due to a scandalous encounter. Years later, Frankie, now a wealthy widow, yearns for love but wants nothing to do with Thomas, the man who disappeared and shattered her reputation. However, when fate brings them together again, Thomas is determined to prove his true intentions and win Frankie's heart, even as their painful past threatens to tear them apart. Will they seize their second chance at love amidst the trials of their shared history?


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