Happy Sunday! I don't have cover art for this sexy alien yet, but EARLY PREORDERS are up on my website. The Book Brander is designing my covers for this fall on 7/4. So exciting!


Nin is huge, all-powerful, and determined to claim her.

Rae worked for a bosshole at a marketing agency and survived an expensive and crappy divorce. Suddenly a light flashed, and not one but three alien men crashed in her backyard with a mission that both terrifies and intrigues her at the same time. Erion men will bond to their women forever. And once pair bonded, these men don't let go. Taking her body and claiming her as his mate is not only a desire but his obligation and the only way to survive.

Nin is the first book in my Earth Girls Aren't Easy series, part of the multiauthor Intergalactic Dating Agency world. If you enjoy strong women, devoted aliens, fated mates, laugh-out-loud moments, and a hard-earned happily ever after, this story is for you!

I ALWAYS reward readers for buying direct from tiny little old me instead of a gigantic retailer by making my books a buck cheaper on my website and offering the preorder sooner.

Preorder Nin: https://acjames.com/products/nin-ebook

Plus, right now I'm partnering with ShoppingGives and donating ALL proceeds for Her Playbook automatically to the Center for Reproductive rights when you buy it through my website. Or can you donate to this organization when you round up purchases on ALL my books.

Her Playbook: https://acjames.com/products/her-playbook

It's also included in this AMAZING charity anthology that I'm in with a bunch of really talented ladies including Kate Rudolph and Demelza Carlton if you like hunky aliens.

Reproductive Rights Charity Anthology: https://www.notwellbehavedwomen.com/
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