My Writing Process…

1) What am I working on?

At the moment I’m writing Beyond Ever After. The mysterious T enters the picture and readers get to learn even more about Arie—our hot alpha hero. A love triangle of attraction and a road trip makes Holly question everything. And everything is not what it seems…

But it’s book #3 in the Ever After series.

Fallen Ever After – Book #2 just came out last week with a vampire-fae war that’s been brewing nearly a century.

For readers that didn’t pick-up the series from the beginning you can catch up with the prequel Cursed Ever After and Eternal Ever After – Book #1.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My writing tends to be infused with my quirky personality and sense of humor. I’ve always been passionate about classic literature, fairy tales, folk lore, and mythology. Incorporating those elements and blending them with erotic romance just comes naturally to me.

3) Why do I write what I do?

Oh, that’s easy… I write what I read. I’d never be able to write it if I didn’t love reading.

4) How does your writing process work?

If it’s a brand new book or series I do some research to develop the characters and plot. Ideas can pop up at any time so I usually carry a notebook and pen in my purse which is actually big enough to fit an entire laptop. I’ve done it. After research I used to jump right into the story but found that I’d write 50K only to find that I didn’t really want it to be a love triangle, a character needed to go, or I didn’t like the POV I’d chosen. Now I outline but not as extensively as some writers do. I don’t have detailed outlines for every single chapter but I have usually jotted down the over arc and subplots.


These are my notes for Beyond Ever After. Trust me! There are no spoilers because only *I* will understand what it all means.


Toren kisses Holly because he thinks she’s Katarina.
Find out who Toren really is…
So Holly is mega pissed and feels completely betrayed.
Arie starts to deteriorate because of the curse.
Hot sex scene with Holly and Arie. Isn’t make-up sex great?
Then they go to Rue’s Attic to enlist her help to break the curse. Rue has a wacked out vision that will lead them to Luna. (Escalating incident leading to second act)
More hot sex.


Curse takes complete control over Arie. So shit just got a lot worse.
Visit Luna to get something of Daeveena’s for the locator spell mentioned in Act I.
Vivid flashback / super-hot threesome sex scene.
Arie, Toren, Holly, and Rue go on a road trip after the locator spell.
There’s some wicked hot sexual tension on the plane when the flashback gets discussed.
Holly feels even more pissed off because Arie should have told her all this shit before the curse completely took over. But she can’t even vent that shit because he’s under the influence of the curse so it wouldn’t do any good.


Arie calls Julian when they land.
Visit Ty’s apartment but she’s not there due to the Old Ways (shifter law).
Rue does another locator spell with the necklace that Ty gives her. (Escalation)
They find her drunk and belligerent at a demon bar.
She feels guilty, miserable, and love struck so she helps them to reverse the curse. (Conclusion)
Falling action:
Arie and Holly are together. Toren takes off.
Arie and Holly confront her feelings of betrayal. Even hotter make-up sex.

Boom – The End.

Oh, and some of my best ideas happen when I’m curled up in bed with a glass of wine. 🙂


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