By A.C. James

I won’t give anything away. Think of this as foreplay. When my son let some Harry Potter secrets slip, I was slightly devastated. I don’t believe in reviews with spoilers. So I try my best not to write them. At the most I’ll fiddle with your nipples, leave some welts but I won’t allow you to climax 😉

Friday night I started reading my advance reading copy and finally came up for air today. In case you’ve been busy this summer, The Mistress officially comes out on Tuesday. Pre-orderif you want. Wait if you want. But read it and if you haven’t read the first three books it’s way too much for me to catch you up on. So I suggest you start with The Siren.

But The Mistressis the book that ties everything together. It leaves you on a cliffhanger but not the steep precipice that The Princeleft us dangling from. It’s more of a predictable and happy abyss that readers can consummate on their own (pun intended). We take beloved characters to bed with us and fall in love with new ones—vanilla ones.

Most of all this series encompasses one theme that resonates with me and with so many Sinners—life and love are messy. Happily ever after isn’t girl meets boy, girl fucks boy, and then they get married, move to the burbs with 2.5 kids and a dog.
(Ok, I’m probably as close to this cushy vanilla scenario as it gets with the hubby, three kids, and my cat.)

Love is complicated. It’s gritty and the heart wants what the heart wants regardless of whether it’s ‘right’ and consequences be damned. As humans we are damaged, broken, and have more earthy desires than you can shake a stick at.

Some desires and fantasies are too subversive, too taboo, and too controversial for us to act on without fear of reprisal but Tiffany takes readers to that edge and beyond it. She writes a particular unfulfilled and secret fantasy of mine in The Mistressthat had me licking my lips and reaching for my wine glass.

And she might of had me reaching for some other things too…

Complex, evocative, and sophisticated storytelling—what writing should be whether it’s erotica or literary fiction.

I can’t wait for The Priest but I think I need to go to confession!

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