Ok, tweeps! For those of you who visit my blog you’re well aware that if I find something funny or prolific for us writer types, I mention it as my favorite tweet of the week.

(I know I’ve been lax but if you’ve been reading along you know I’ve been waging war in my house and I’m also knee deep in editing.)

And for those who actually read my blog posts, you also know that I’ve moved through three states hauling an overabundance of books with me until I fell in love with my e-reader.

Although, let’s face it—there are some things that just aren’t digital.

But for those of us who are shamelessly addicted to smut, e-readers supply it amply and cut down on paperback purchases.

Granted, I’ve never seen such desperate measures taken for making more room for books. Hands down she’s got me beat and I’ve got to applaud that.

Quite creative and considering how much I love cooking, I’m considering implementing it in my kitchen and supplying it as an excuse to my husband for ditching my culinary duties.

My favorite tweet of the week goes to…

Your prize for being my favorite tweet of the week…
A gift certificate to Ikea for some new shelving.

Just kidding. I can’t afford it!

Most of my money goes to my editor. She deserves it 😉

But I do have a gift for you that you might dig or at least find humorous. And it’s totally free. I’m cheap like that. You’ll have to excuse the fact that I’ve been on a 90s kick lately. Just click play:

And to my fellow writers, readers, and tweeps… What do your overflowing bookcases look like? Comment with a link to any photos you’d like to share. Bonus points for creativity!

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