By A.C. James

Those of you that read both my romance blog and Poems With Heart, know that Alzheimer’s disease is a cause that has my utmost support. This disease has affected both my husband’s grandmother and my own. And I was very close to my grandmother. Until disease took her, she was the one who took care of me. She was like a mother to me. In fact, she inspired my love for books and I only wish she could be here today to see me pursuing what I love.

Tess Gerritsen—the bestselling author of the crime novel series-turned-hit-TV-drama Rizzoli & Isles—has declared War on Alzheimer’s with an online fundraising campaign in memory of her father, who died of the disease.

Gerritsen believes that this war can be won, and that our fiercest warriors are our scientists, so proceeds will go directly to The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) to support its Alzheimer’s research. Each $5 donation enters the donor’s name in a prize raffle (i.e. a $25 donation is equivalent to five entries).

Two grand prize winners will get to name one character each in the next Rizzoli & Isles novel, coming out in 2014! The named character’s role in the story is up to the discretion of the author. Three runners-up will win prize packages that include a signed copy of Gerritsen’s most recent hardcover, Last to Die, a “Rizzoli & Isles” baseball cap, tee shirt and surgical scrub top, and handcuff earnings. Gerritsen has also pledged to match every dollar raised, up to $25,000.

Learn more about Gerritsen’s inspiration for the campaign here.

Joe Konrath is throwing his name into the mix in support of Gerritsen’s campaign. Instead of Gerritsen’s reward geared toward her fans, Konrath is aiming at getting us writers involved. If you donate $100 or more, you can write a guest blog for A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing.

His blog gets anywhere from 4k to 30k hits per day. He will also tweet your blog post to his 11,000 Twitter followers.

Just forward him your donation email with the subject GUEST BLOG FOR TESS and he’ll set up a date to run your blog post.

Now $100 may seem like a lot of money. But it’s tax deductible, for a great cause, and might help your name and books reach a lot of new people.

Sorry for the double post on both blogs today but this is something that really hits home.

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