So What Do Men Find Romantic Anyway? | Elize Amornette – Erotic Romance Novels
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So often I read articles about women who want to do something romantic for their guy but feel disappointed when his level of enthusiasm is (putting it politely) less than expected. What’s not to get excited about? You have closed the romantic novel you were reading, cleaned the house, cooked a fantastic meal, opened that bottle of wine you kept for this special occasion and bought him the most amazing shirt that will match his eyes like no other in his closet…but all he could do is sit there and look somewhat appreciative…not excited, not over-the-moon, not bouncing off the walls the way he does when watching his favourite sport program with the boys…nooooo.

In my erotic romance trilogy — Private Emotions, Emily (the main female character) was able to create the perfect romantic setting for Ethan (the male lead).

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