By A.C. James

Ok, last night I put together a list of winners for my Sizzling, Hot, Memorial Day Giveaway and came to a realization. After threatening via Tweet to flog everyone who didn’t leave their email address—it dawned on me. I never asked for it! Below I’ve listed the prizes along with the names of winners and the pieces of information I’m missing in order to give you a prize. Please shoot me an email at authoracjames(at)gmail(dot)com if you’re one of the winners!

  1. Pick-A-Stick Sexy Truth of Dare winner is Ann Supreme. Please email me your mailing address so I may send your free gift.
  2. Twitch of Tail by R.E. Butler – Vanessa N., you own a Kindle and I have your email address. Expect an email today with your prize attached.
  3. The Wolf’s Mate 6: Logan & Jenna by R.E. Butler – Ashley who commented on 5/22, please shoot me an email so I can reply with your prize and let me know whether you have a Kindle or a Nook.
  4. Desert of the Damned by Kathy Kulig – Jennifer Phillips and Chamaine who owns a Kindle. Please send me an email and Jennifer, please let me know whether you have a Kindle or Nook.
  5. The Unintended (The Watcher Series, Book One) by Robin Woods – Christine Mathisen and Ashley B. Please email me and also let me know whether you own a Kindle or Nook.
  6. The Captive Series Bundle by Erica Stevens – The first three winners include Anonymous, Kristale Dooley, and Jessica Leonard. You can expect an email today with your prize attached. Lindsay R, Kim Schmitt, and Ibtc8503 who own a Kindle, please email me so I can send your prize. Mom2many, Jennifer C, and Anna Le please email me and also let me know whether you own a Kindle or Nook.
  7. Dhellia Has a Conscience by April M. Reign – Mzd11 please email me and let me know whether you own a Kindle or Nook. Liddie Hickman who owns a Kindle, please email me.


All prizes unclaimed by the end of this week will be distributed among the winners whose contact information I already have. I want thank all the authors who visited my blog this week and provided these fantastic e-books for my giveaway. And I want to give a big thank you to those that participated by sharing your favorite romance hero. 

3 thoughts on “Sizzling, Hot, Memorial Day Giveaway WINNERS!

  1. You are very welcome my dear. It just shipped and should be there Thursday. According to Amazon that is but they are very good at shipping.

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