My free eBook : Private Emotions — Appointments (Ethan’s Perspective) is available now. In this romance eBook, Ethan confesses his feelings for Emily and the turmoil he faces in keeping his promise to his best friend.

In its first couple of weeks it was downloaded over 100 times from alone. I have since made what has been dubbed as, The Ethan Version, of my romance novels, available free on my website.

Download The Ethan Version to book 1 of my romance novels directly from my website in three easy steps!
1. Click on the link : www.Ethan’s Perspective – Appointments
2. Enter the secret password : Ethan
3. Click on the image or link to download the eBook.
Don’t forget to save it to your computer before closing the window and remember that your access link expires in 24 hours so don’t delay!

Also remember that you can still download your copy of, The Ethan Version, from by clicking this link :

Romance Novel 1 – Ethan’s Version (Free) | Elize Amornette Romance Novels

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