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Release Date: 2/1/16



Sage is an ex-navy seal, and a single father who lives for his daughter. It’s now or never and he must risk everything or regret it for the rest of his life… and with his secret that might not be too long. He treks to THE STABLES, an exclusive mating service for the púca shape shifters on the Aran Islands as a last ditch effort. He’s greeted by a curvy, annoying, scrumptious package named Maelíosa. She makes him want what he hasn’t dared to hope for: love, a mate, and a home for him and his daughter.


A supernatural investigative blogger took the púca stallions from the shadows and thrust them into the limelight by releasing a tell-all book. This old enemy surfaces and a new danger threatens the púca shape shifter clan. It gets loads better with a hot hunk of Navy Seal willing to face any danger in order to protect what’s his, especially his curvaceous mate. Will Sage and Maelíosa defeat the evil hate group determined to destroy the clan?


It’s one sexy, curvy, mare of a match. Mostly. Sage’s plans are put on hold when the evil places the clan’s queen in danger. Not. Happening. Not on his watch. He’ll stop at nothing until they end the threat once and for all. He finally has a home and nothing will come between him and Maelíosa, his fierce, stubborn, curvy mate. Or will it…?


Maelíosa’s his mate, but she’s in trouble. He’s so screwed…
Sage is between a rock and a hard place. Just when he thinks he’s found happiness, a hate group rocks the púca shape shifter clan. He’s out of time and out of options when a rescue goes wrong. Will he save his sexy, sassy, curvy mate in this explosive series finale?

Puca Mates Series/Serial Reading Order:

Books 1-4 Felicity & Niall’s Story
Ride: Awakening – Episode One
Ride: The Bet – Episode Two
Ride: Out Cold – Episode Three
Ride: The Veil – Episode Four
Books 5-8 Cyn & Fallon’s Story
Ride: Bad Hangover – Episode Five
Ride: Choices – Episode Six
Ride: Mistake – Episode Seven
Ride: Wild Ride – Episode Eight
Books 9-12 Maelíosa & Sage’s Story
Ride: The Stables – Episode Nine
Ride: Only Human – Episode Ten
Ride: Taken – Episode Eleven
Ride: Finale – Episode Twelve

READER NOTE: If you have read Ride Episodes 9 – 12 which are sold individually then you have already purchased this book.


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