In between the giveaways, contests, book reviews, interviews, and the plethora of romance and erotica books I feature, I do try to provide fellow writers with things that I’ve found helpful.

Recently, I was supposed to attend an RWA meeting but due to extenuating circumstances I was unable to make it and missed the wonderful Skype workshop Valerie Bowman presented on her book—Painless Marketing for Busy Authors.

My friend and colleague, Kathy Kulig, sent me a link to download her book. So I did and I devoured it.

It’s an extremely quick read and a lot of the information presented I already knew. After all I take this writing thing seriously and have been slowly but steadily building my brand, platform, and working on finding a fan base.

Pssst… Thanks to all my new-fangled followers who’ve downloaded my short stories, joined my mailing list, liked me on Facebook, followed me on Twitter or added me to a circle on Google +. It’s all very much appreciated 😉

But Valerie touched on things that were on my to-do list and there was a whole host of information that I’ve added to a check list of things to cover that weren’t on my radar.

One of the things that surprised me was her recommendation against offering anything other than your book for giveaways. Avoid giving away high ticket items like a Kindle or gift certificate.

As a blog tour host I see this offered time and time again. It was an idea that I’d toyed with for my upcoming release in December. But as she pointed out, people trolling the internet for freebies are not your fans.

I can’t recommend this book enough. It’s a wonderful resource for indie authors and traditionally published authors alike.

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