So I’m finally getting around to listing my favorite tweet from last week. And I’m looking O.O at you Jan Moran and SpookyMrsGreen 😀
It led me to a blog post by Catherine Green. 
And all I can say is amen sister, amen. 
Lately, I’ve been unfollowing Tweeps because when I scroll through my twitter feed all I see from my fellow writers is a stream of buy my shit, it has five stars, can I get a hell yes! Can I get a review? Will you walk my dog? Or date my sister? Or what if all the men on the face of the earth became women?
I think I actually replied to that spammy book blurb to say I’d stock up on batteries.
Talk to people. Be social. After all that’s why it’s called social media. And while I appreciate those fellow writers that follow me, we’re all on Twitter to build our fan base and interact with people who are actually reading our books.
Or we hope that’s the case anyhow.
I know I’ve lost followers from my recent unfollowing activity but really what’s the point if all my followers are a bunch of writers trying to get me to buy their latest book.
I’m sorry but I can’t do it. By all means if you want to follow me to network because we write the same genre great but if you tweet every two minutes and all I see is your smiling mug in my face, in my Twitter feed, telling me how fucking great your book is then I’m going to unfollow you.
And people… I write erotic paranormal romance with bdsm. I read contemporary romance providing it’s kinky, paranormal, urban fantasy, humor, and some horror. If it’s straight up sci-fi and leave the romance at the door, dystopian, a cozy mystery, or western romance I’m not going to be interested in reading your book. And then I’m only going to download it during a free promotion because I support fellow indie authors.
There are lots of things you can do to market your book. Host a giveaway. Do a book tour. Use KDP Select and take advantage of your free days. Do not use Twitter like a megaphone to annoy the masses. I assure you that’s about the only thing you’re accomplishing. If you want to mention a blog post, a new release, or giveaway that’s fine. 
But do it once.
Not every other minute until I become so aggravated at your lack of participation in the social structure of the digital realm that I want to swing a bastard sword at your head.
Don’t ask.
I’ve been editing a book that put me on a medieval weapons kick.
So I’m sure that I have managed to offend at least one of you. Or several. If you’re offended it probably means that you’re highly guilty of polluting Twitter with your spammy buy links. And if that’s the case please unfollow me.
It frees up my feed so I can actually read the meaningful things that other writers tweet or what’s going on with my small flock of fans 🙂

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