By A.C. James
I’m going to start something new on my blog. Once a week on either Sunday or Monday or anytime I feel like it really, I will post my favorite Tweet of the Week. If I don’t blog a favorite tweet it’s because nothing really struck me and of course it’s all very subjective 😉

This past week my personal favorite Tweet goes to Sara Megibow:


Her tweet led me to a Publisher’s Weekly articleby Aifric Campbell who gave up a 14-year career in investment banking to write a novel. Kudos to you as well Ms. Campbell for taking a plunge into the unknown.

On Saturday I pondered this while I gardened.

My flower beds had run rampant with weeds because frankly I have much more productive uses for my time—like writing. A plaque had fallen, had become buried under dried leaves and over grown weeds. It read: “Laugh and live more. May magic always be in your life.”

Except I believe that the sum of our life experiences can prepare us for writing and lead us to become better writers. I don’t think you need to be an investment banker or that any particular experience holds more value than another. Everything in life as we relate to it shapes our prose.

Magic and opportunity is not something to be hoped for or wished for but created through perseverance and hard-work. Dream big and then make it happen. No dream is too big and whether it’s writing or walking on the moon, there are critical steps you need to take to make your dream, your goal, into a reality.

Sometimes I needed to pull weeds just as writing that doesn’t fit a particular scene or dialogue needs to be discarded. A hosta plant needed to be dug up and moved because it was encroaching on other plants just as writing needs to be shifted or moved to make it less awkward and for it to flow.

But at the end of the day I sat back with a beer and looked at a flower bed full of life and beauty. It didn’t start out that way. There were plants that were lost amidst the crowded bed. There were dead things that needed to be carted off in a wheelbarrow and thrown over an embankment.

Trust me, I’ve felt that way about a manuscript a time or two 😀

It took a shovel, a trowel, sturdy gloves, bottled water, and a lot of sweat to get there but in the end it was a magnificent and proud sight to behold.

I do agree with Ms. Campbell about writing. It takes an unbelievable amount of tenacity and a willingness to take risks. Be bold. Be tenacious. Don’t take no for an answer 😉

And above all else don’t wait for magic to enter your life. Make your own magic!

What was your favorite tweet this week my fellow tweeps?

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