By A.C. James

Kelsey Charisma is on vacation and couldn’t be here today for an interview. She’s officially spending a lot of time in bed 😉 As such I am sharing an excerpt from Daddy’s Boss:

As Olivia looked around the bathroom, seeing 24K gold specks in the wallpaper, better than museum-quality art, and wealth beyond what a half bathroom deemed necessary, she sucked in smoke from her joint before holding her breath. She hated nothing more in the world than her father’s fortune. Little reminders of each dollar earned and spent had her thinking of all the lost memories. She didn’t even know who her father was, not really. Yes, he was the man downstairs, sitting at the end of a long table and attending his stuffy dinner party with members of the board, but she rarely spoke to her father. They had nothing to say and no interests in common; it had been that way since her mom died, though deep down she wished things were different. That was why she resented hiding in a bathroom that was larger than most people’s bedrooms, glaring at the bidet as if all her disappointments came from that one fixture.

She turned her head toward the open window and exhaled heavily. While sitting on a marble countertop, she leaned back against the wall and brought her feet up to cross her legs in a very unladylike manor, but she ignored her appearance because she was alone.

She didn’t know why she went to such great lengths to conceal her habit. The east wing of the fourth floor was never used, except for when she smoked or needed to get away. She could be in her old room, where she’d stay when she wasn’t away at boarding school, and smoke pot in peace. But she was one of those girls who tried hard to please her father, no matter how impossible. What really made her kick herself was she knew for a fact that half the men downstairs, including her father, had done much worse while overseas. They were all as crooked as politicians, and most of the board had several of those in their back pocket.

Olivia sighed when the affect of the marijuana settled in, and she relaxed while deciding her thoughts were far too heavy. She practically kissed the end of her joint as she took another hit. She was being careful not to wet the end of the paper when the door to the bathroom open. Beside her eyes darting to the entrance, she didn’t stir. Maybe it was her rebellious side that forced her not to budge when CEO of Lytes Universal, Douglas Truman, glanced into the room.

He smiled when seeing her with a joint in her hand and on the marble counter top of what Olivia had always assumed was some kind of dresser. Without a word, he slipped into the bathroom and closed the door. Olivia finished sucking in while she stared at him, surprised he’d bother to join her, but it wasn’t the first time she’d had his private company. Besides being a decent, respectable man, Douglas was also good-looking, but with his wealth he could afford to always look his best. The fact that he was in his mid-forties and had all his hair made him look younger, and somehow stress defied to give him gray. In a way, he looked a lot like her father, which always drew her to him. Like her father, Douglas was tall with a light complexion, handsome, but still had a stern appearance as if he knew he controlled the world, or at least his world.

Douglas kept his hand on the door handle before finally locking it, and then he slowly made his way toward her with his eyes on her open legs, panties, and joint. He stopped when he was a couple of feet from her and continued to give the same debonair, confident smile that Olivia was sure got him laid more times than she cared to know about.

When she dropped her hand to her knee with the smoldering white paper snugly wrapped around her drug of choice, he slid his hand over hers in an intimate touch she couldn’t ignore. He took the cannabis between two fingers and stole a hit while looking into her eyes. She finally smiled, even quietly laughed although she found his action sensual, not humorous. At least now she was certain he wouldn’t mention her habit to her father.

Olivia couldn’t help but notice Douglas really did have a way with women. He was charming, gave her all his attention like she was the only woman in the world and all the while he oozed masculine sex appeal. What thrilled her most was his silence. He usually waited for her to draw him into a conversation, and she had to admit she liked the initial chasing.

“How did you find me? Were you searching rooms, or did you get lucky?” Truly, she didn’t think he was tracking her down and was grasping for a sexy way to start a conversation.

“I haven’t been fortunate enough to get lucky yet,” he said in innuendo. He watched her carefully for a reaction as he breathed out, and then he transferred the joint from his lips to hers. 

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