Ok, so it’s finally acceptable to admit a guilty pleasure of mine. My freelance editor asked me over the phone whether I read Fanfiction and I waffled with a, “Well… not really. Maybe once or twice, I tried it.” It’s like admitting that you practice regifting or that you love 80s music. I admitted reading Fanfiction like Bill Clinton owned up to experimenting with marijuana a time or two but of course he didn’t inhale and never tried it again. Fanfiction is earning its stripes and Amazon is recognizing its validity by introducing Kindle Worlds. Vampire Diaries, Twilight, Fifty Shades of Grey, and Wool have all spurred Fanfiction with writing quality that goes beyond the amateur storytelling Fanfiction is known for.

I know Christmas is a long way off but I wanted to mention an upcoming book expected to be released December 3, 2013. Fic: Why Fanfiction is Taking Over the World by Anne Jamison and with a foreward by Lev Grossman. The book includes essays by some of my favorite authors including Tiffany Reisz and Andrew Shaffer. You can pre-order the book on Amazon and here’s a description:

Everyone’s talking about fanfiction these days, thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey. But for a very, very long time, they weren’t. Even people who wrote it didn’t talk about it. Fanfiction may have been an “open secret,” but it was a closed closet. Fic opens that closet door and puts its contents on display: its most darling outfits, its awkward years, and those horrors from the ’80s that no retro-chic is ever bringing back.

From remixes and crossovers to alternate-point-of-view, alternate-ending retellings, Fic looks at the history and culture of fan writing, and presents provocative discussions on fanfiction from both fan and “professional” writers. It looks at the way fanfiction not only redraws the boundaries of stories and characters, but also transforms how we think about and experience authorship, reading, writing, and more.

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