My husband and I had a blast in New York!

First, I want to thank everyone who braved the cold to stop by Lady Jane’s Salon. Man was it cold! But there’s nothing like a little romance to stay warm. 😉 A huge thank you to Leanna, Hope, and Ron for having me.

I just wish that we could have stayed longer. We high-tailed it out of there since we had a two and a half hour drive through the Poconos to get home.

We did have a ton of fun!

Palm TooDinner with Hubby at Palm Too











We stopped at a little pub before dinner for a beer. Then we followed in the footsteps of Stephen King and ate at Palm Too on Second Avenue. Yum. Oysters, steak, and fries—they were far tastier than the ones you find on the boardwalk. I can easily see why it’s his favorite steakhouse in New York.

I just love the charactertures. Very cool.

My husband, Jamey & I at Lady Jane's Salon








LJS Group Shot 010614



I debuted on the Salon Stage with Brenda Janowitz and Jennifer Robson and Kate McMurray returned to read an excerpt from her latest M/M romance. My husband was kind enough to film my reading for anyone who couldn’t be there.

I apologize in advance for the crappy recording. He’s not a professional videographer by any means and little did I know that if you were seated directly below the stage, you couldn’t see my face.


It’s not that I was trying to hide behind the paper, but a) there were glaringly bright lights so ya’ll could see me and b) I’m blind as a bat without my glasses, c) and even though I used 14 pt font instead of 12, I had a hard time seeing so I held the paper to the side, d) which just happened to be the side of the room where my husband was filming.

Still, you can hear me loud and clear. No one ever accused me of having a little mouth. Except my orthodontist when I was a kid.

[youtube_advanced url=”” width=”300″ height=”200″ rel=”no”]

Again, thanks for joining me for my debut Eternal Ever After reading and the many other wonderful authors who braved the cold weather. I plan on another visit to Lady Jane’s Salon in 2015.

I may be at Barnes and Noble in Easton, PA this spring when they host their next local author’s night. I’ll announce the date as soon as I have more information.

And don’t forget to sign-up for my online chat on ShinDig next month.

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