This series all started with pepperoni eaten late at night while reading a book from The Original Sinners series before bed. Being a huge Vampire Diaries fan due to reading L.J. Smith prior to the popularity of the television series, I of course fell in love with Ian Somerhalder who plays the character Damon Salvator.

I just love bad boys.

Don’t we all?

And he embodies the character L.J. Smith describes in her books so perfectly.

At any rate, I had this dream that Ian Somerhalder was doing all sorts of kinky things that you’d expect from Søren in the Original Sinners series.

I blame the pepperoni.

But my husband says I just have a terribly dirty mind! 😉

This image inspired the hero of my story—Arie. Just picture Ian Somerhalder but with smoke gray eyes.

I’ve always loved history.

My father was a substitute history teacher in between voluntarily enlisting in the military during Vietnam and becoming a police officer. He instilled in me a love for history and I’ve always thought of it as dirty, old gossip. Desperate Housewives but with hand grenades—it can’t get any more awesome than that.

The Hellfire Club history provided the perfect backdrop for a vampire series. What if the Hellfire Club never ceased to exist but simply changed names and locations over centuries of vampire ownership? What if it evolved into a BDSM sex club?

History, fairy tales, and folklore have a way of incorporating themselves into fiction, giving writing depth and inspiring new stories that have a life of their own.

Nothing is ever new or original—from borrowed music riffs to tropes that we see repeated in various books. I’d love to claim originality on this one but I really owe it to Philip Wharton, 1st Duke of Wharton and Francis Dashwood, 15th Baron le Despencer.

Both had dirtier minds than me.

(According to the gossip we call history.)

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