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There are so many books, videos and magazines about which is the best way a woman should conduct herself to ‘capture’ the man…but like most things in life, why does it have to be an all or nothing approach? In fact, why does it have to be an ‘approach’ at all? Doesn’t that hint that we women are playing a romantic game? The problem with games is that it ends, points are awarded and the winner takes it all.

What works romantically in one relationship can be a disaster in another. Distressed damsel or ferocious she-wolf, timid or confident…understand who you are, understand what and how much you are willing to compromise (your circle) and take the time to understand the same of him (his circle). The spark ignites where the two circles meet but the real magic happens where the two circles overlap.

In my erotic romance novels available worldwide on Amazon — The Private Emotions Trilogy — you get to experience the magic of Emily and Ethan as they dare to discover if their circles passionately overlap or recklessly crash and burn…but first…

To get a peek into how Ethan (the male lead) truly feels about Emily (the female lead) in my romance novels…I have created and made available *free* to you : Private Emotions — Appointments (Ethan’s Perspective). In this romance eBook, Ethan confronts his desires for Emily and the guilt he feels in having to break his promise to his best friend.

This version has been dubbed, The Ethan Version, by my readers and can be downloaded *free* from any of the three sites…

1. Directly from my website : Click on the link below (and scroll to the bottom of the page) :

2. On Free-ebooks : Click on the link below :

3. On Goodreads : Click on the link below :—appointments—ethan-s-perspective

Erotic Romance – Ethan Sterling | Elize Amornette Romance Books

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