Ride: Episode Two

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Felicity Forrest’s investigation to find the púca shapeshifter responsible for strange accidents haunting a construction site takes an unexpected turn.

Niall O’Leary is tall, dark, and totally alpha. He’s also the Chieftan’s son. His mission collides with Felicity’s investigation and sparks fly. Will they pick up where they left off at the end of part one?

Reader Note: This book is for those who are 18+. It contains explicit language, sexual situations, and a cliffhanger. However, if you like curvy girl romance, a stallion who can’t resist his curvy woman, and a dash of humor, then this is the story for you. Please read these installments in order. Enjoy!


Niall tossed back a whiskey, which as far as he was concerned was perfectly respectable, even at this hour. He was due for it, after the stiff predicament Felicity had left him with in his pants last night. As next-in-line to his father Fallon, clan chieftain, he’d never been rejected. If he had to guess, that was probably why he was still at half-mast even now. But if he must bring a mate back with him, then he imagined she’d do the job properly. His stallion was more than enamored with her curves, and the man in him was coming round as well after tasting her lush lips.

Wonder what the rest of her tastes like.

Niall turned from the hearth as Tomas entered the room. “You slept late. Did ye learn anything from questioning Felicity’s friend?”

Tomas looked tired and a little confused. “Felicity?”

“The lass from last night who was with her.”

“Aye, sorry. I’m sure they’re both harmless. I’m just a wee bit surprised you remember the lass’s name, is all.”

Niall scowled. His reputation beyond the veil was often less than chivalrous, and completely non-committal when it came to the female púca-shifters in his clan. He was surprised by his growing need to mate with Felicity, when not long ago it was the last thing he’d wanted to do. But Niall had to admit it…she was starting to appeal to more than his stallion. The need to protect her surfaced from his steed, but the man in him couldn’t stand her sad, faraway look when he’d asked if she had a mate. He never wanted to see her torn apart like that, and once he discovered the cause behind the disturbance in the veil he’d make damn sure it never happened again. Wait. What was he saying? What had she done to him? Shapely and sexy beyond belief wasn’t even the half of it when it came to Felicity Forrest.

But he wasn’t about to admit that to his best mate. “Aye, doing my duty to protect the veil, and that means keeping track of details…including the lass’s name.”

Tomas shifted to his other foot, a smile tugging the corner of his mouth. “Right.” He paused. “What color is her hair?”

Brown like sweet honey.

Niall was gobsmacked at the direction of his thoughts and irked at Tomas for knowing him far better than he cared to admit.

“What are you going to ask me next? The color of her eyes, or perhaps her shoe size? How should I know? I’ll clatter ye in yer jaw if you don’t stop giving me that dose of bullshit.”

Tomas laughed. “And how did it go with Felicity?” his friend asked, rather than rile him further. Good, because after the night he’d had, he wasn’t in the mood for it.

“Aye, drinking and having a laugh, then I walked her back. But she came here to write a story— about púca. And she has a photo of you in your stallion form. But I think you’re right about them being harmless. I don’t think they’re the reason for the disturbance in the veil.”

That wasn’t the whole story, but it’d do. No need to tell Tomas he’d taken her for a ride and she’d left him in a field with blue balls. His stallion had nearly chased across the field after her. Niall wanted her, of that much he was sure. Still, after watching that foal die last spring, and its mare sharing the same fate as his mother, he didn’t know how he could possibly promise he wouldn’t end up hurting Felicity in the end. Bearing a púca was hard enough for a female púca-shifter, but it was even harder on a human. If the foal or filly shifted during birth, it could cause trauma to the mother. If its mother was human, that could mean death. But if childbirth didn’t kill her, she’d share púca blood from the birthing process, becoming half-púca herself and aging as they did. She’d never be able to shift, or have any other abilities, though. Years ago, farmer’s daughters who’d been sacrificed to mate with their kind had done so willingly. Despite the risks, they’d wanted a chance at ‘immortality’. Some had died, but others shared long, happy lives with their mates.

“Aye, they may be harmless, but if she writes the story, more people will come to the island. Those who’ve lived here their whole lives and have forgotten the traditions might start believing as they used to. The veil might remain open, and we’d have to guard it more closely…like before,” Tomas said.

“She won’t write it.”

“How can ye be certain of a thing like that?”

Niall thought about the desire wafting off her as he’d scented her in the crowded pub, and later as she’d stomped across the field. She’d made an angry retreat, but her body betrayed her—she wanted him.

He grinned. “I have my ways.”

Then he thought about how she’d felt with her legs wrapped around him as she rode his stallion. She’d almost come during that pounding ride. So close, he could feel the pulsing between her legs, feel her heat, and smell her arousal. Nothing had ever felt so right. Her thighs gripping his body and her fingers wrapped in his mane was exactly where he wanted Felicity to be. Forever, his stallion added, but he ignored it.

“And what ways might those be?” Tomas asked.

He’d managed to seduce most of the female púca-shifters in his clan. Bloody hell, most of the fillies in the Realm lusted after him. So seducing Felicity would be fun. Of course, he was only doing this to protect the veil, to guard the Realm. Besides, if he didn’t bring back a mate, his sister would be saddled with a piece-of-shite excuse for a stallion. You keep telling yourself that, his stallion huffed derisively.

“I’ll give her a ride she won’t forget.”

Bloody hell, was he a double-dose of hotness!
by Cherri-Anne Boitson

She is part of our past, our present, and our future. Make her our mate forever. HOOOOWEEE! HOT DAMN this is great story!! I am loving this completely and I cannot wait to read the rest! Then I am going to go and read them again with no waiting in between! This is such an amazingly unique story! I love the way it is playing out, the way AC has things flowing is a huge part of the pull & charm of the story. Who knew that horses could be so damn attractive, hot, sexy with this..pull, this…desire that drives even me to know them better *wink* let alone their mate! WHEW!! *fans self* Is it getting hotter in here? Did someone turn the furnace on? I love the parts when Niall’s stallion talks to him! It adds a whole new layer, a depth, to the story and helps to make it a better shifter story! It emphasizes that the shifter and his animal counterpart are in fact two entities, two beings, that are in fact one, which in my opinion is what a ‘true’ or ‘real’ shifter is all about!! I have never even heard of pucas before this serial from AC, but now I want MORE! Maybe if we keep asking, AC will keep on writing puca shifter stories for us, because I now know that these 4 parts, one story will never satisfy my puca fascination!

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Ride: Episode Two – The Bet
Series: Puca Mates
Publisher: Swoon Worthy