Book Cover: Ride: Cyn and Fallon
Editions:Kindle: $ 7.99
Pages: 240

Ride: Cyn and Fallon


"You can't ask for a more exciting, scorching hot, romantic, sensual book to read. This book is what makes me love reading paranormal romance." - Yvonne, Goodreads

Cyn & Fallon’s Story

Cynthia Becket has been jet-setting around the world as plus size model. She loves her freedom, her career, and one night stands. This curvy girl follows her BFF to the Aran Islands on holiday. It’s her birthday and her ultimate mission is to shag some sexy bloke.

Fallon O’Leary is Chieftain of the púca clan. He’s been widowed and without a mate for far too long. He sends a trusted clansman to find him a human mate.

This curvy human female confuses the situation after one too many pints at the pub. Will Cyn be able to accept a hot púca shape shifter and an otherworldly Realm when her drunken escapades turn her life upside down?

"I fell in love with Fallon and Cyn in these paced, suspenseful romance you won't want to miss!" - LisaMarie, Goodreads