Book Cover: Ride: Maelíosa and Sage
Pages: 235

Ride: Maelíosa and Sage

"An amazing finale for an amazing series! This book is chocked full of suspense and heroic scenes... This series is filled with cliffhangers, but this finale could not have been any more perfect!" - Patti, Goodreads

Maelíosa & Sage’s Story

Sage is an ex-navy seal, and a single father who lives for his daughter. It’s now or never and he must risk everything or regret it for the rest of his life… and with his secret that might not be too long. He treks to THE STABLES, an exclusive mating service for the púca shape shifters on the Aran Islands as a last ditch effort. He’s greeted by a curvy, annoying, scrumptious package named Maelíosa.

She makes him want what he hasn’t dared to hope for: love, a mate, and a home for him and his daughter.

I absolutely love this gang and how they look out for each other, and the love? Soooo much love and faith is enough to make you jealous and want to jump into the story. " - Julia, Goodreads