It would be a really long review if I commented on every story in the Baby Got Back: Anal Erotica anthology. So I’ll only touch on my some of my favorites, keeping in mind that I loved them all. Usually I don’t write spoilers in my reviews but you’ll find in this one that’s not the case.

But I’ll try not to spoil too much 😉

My husband would probably be pretty appalled to find that my favorite of the entire collection is In Training by D. L. King. Who wouldn’t want a submissive house boy to wax and polish?

Rectified by Tiffany Reiszwas really well-written and well-plotted for such a short story. I loved the story because I could commiserate with second hand knowledge as a friend of mine has that particular condition. It’s nice to see a bookstore as a setting for pick-ups. It has me thinking I should be spending a little more time perusing mine.

Considering that I like my kink comingled with my paranormal and fantasies, I was drawn to Her Kingdom For Her Ass by Maggie Morton. The anal goddess in me started kicking and screaming about half way through that no way in hell is anyone going near my backdoor when they have no idea what they’re doing. But thank god for wizards, right? 😉

I found Body Heat by Shoshanna Eversand A Taste of Jamaica by D. Fostaloveto be the most creative and original stories out of the anthology. Although, I’ll probably never be able to look at Cricket Dolls quite the same way—then again I always did think she was a little freaky.

And I enjoyed Plugged In by Rachel Kramer Bussel because I found the openness of their reciprocal relationship to be uplifting. Being able to trust in your partner to try new things is paramount to a healthy relationship.

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