By A.C. James

A Mating Dance, Ashwood Falls #2

By Lia Davis

She’d fought fate against one, but she’s no match for two.

Senior enforcer, Cameron Nickels has found her perfect mate. Blaine Andrews, leopard Pack Marshal, is strong, dominate, loyal, and passionate. He knows all her strengths and weaknesses—not to mention her pleasure points. Cam’s known Blaine most her life, but she’s always felt like something was missing and her jaguar refuses to fully accept him. Yet, she can’t walk away from him. When architect and sexy mountain lion shifter, Graham Griffin, comes to town to design the new den nursery and school, Cameron finds herself in a mating dance that throws her and her jaguar into flight mode while Blaine must decide if he cannot only share his mate, but welcome another.

After his lover walked out on him a year ago, Graham has no intentions of entering another relationship any time soon. But he realizes that the fates have other plans for him when he meets Blaine and Cameron. When his ex-lover’s children are chased into Ashwood territory by a group of rogues, he discovers the male he shared a life with had died freeing the kids from the Onyx Pack. Graham must work side-by-side with the two enforcers to uncover lies from the past while his heart opens to his true mates.

Warning: Contains one-hot headed leopard, a man who thought he’d lost it all, and a woman who is about to rub up against both in the best possible ways.

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Cameron sat at Dani and Nevan’s dining table with Max balanced on one knee as she helped him cut his waffle, dip it into the syrup, and bring it to his mouth. When he dropped the fork and stuck his hand in the syrup, she squeaked and grabbed his wrist. Graham came over with a wet cloth to clean him up. Max grunted his frustration then gripped Cam’s hair with his sticky fingers, tangling his fingers around the strands. “Oh, Max.” Cameron stood, only to come nose-to nose with Graham.

Her skin heated and her heart skipped a few beats. His blue eyes darkened slightly, then a flash of bright blue told her that his puma wasn’t far from the surface.

Graham gripped Max’s hand and tried to unwrap her hair from his sticky fingers. Cameron laughed, trying to ignore the heat blooming between them. “You’re making it worse.”

Graham drew his brows together, making him even more handsome. She let her gaze travel over the masculine lines of his face. His skin was tanned, as though he worked long hours in the sun. He had high cheekbones and an average size nose that was just right for him. When her gaze fell on his lips, she wondered what they would feel like against hers. His lips were slightly full, the bottom one begging for her to bite it. When his blue gaze met hers, a wash of desire rushed through her, heating her skin even more.

Good Lord, what the hell was wrong with her? She had a mate, or could have one if she’d get past her commitment issues. She damn sure didn’t need another.

The front door opened, drawing her attention to Blaine as he walked in and shut the door behind him. Cameron immediately met his glare with one of her own.

Damn possessive male.

She stepped away from Graham and went to the kitchen sink to wet her hair and untangle Max’s hands. A moment later Blaine was at her side, he pressed a kiss to her cheek and then took Max from her. Her heart lurched as the little guy started crying and kicking his feet.

Graham appeared and took the wailing child from Blaine, and Cameron swore she heard a growl come from one of them.

Drying the ends of her hair with a kitchen towel, Cam stepped between them, giving Blaine a narrow-eyed glare. “Are you done?”

His leopard flashed in his eyes, and he leaned in to growl, “Not with you.”

About the Author

Lia Davis is a mother to two young adults and two very special kitties, a wife to her soul mate, a paranormal romance author, graphic designer, and co-owner to Fated Desires Publishing, LLC. She and her family live in Northeast Florida battling hurricanes and very humid summers. But it’s her home and she loves it!

An accounting major, Lia has always been a dreamer with a very activity imagination. The wheels in her head never stop. She ventured into the world of writing and publishing in 2008 and loves it more than she imagined. Writing and designing are stress relievers that allow her to go off in her corner of the house and enter into another world that she created, leaving real life where it belongs.

Her favorite things are spending time with family, traveling, reading, writing, chocolate, coffee, nature and hanging out with her kitties.


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Savannah Stuart

Savannah Stuart has been reading romance for as long as she can remember. When she discovered erotic romance, she knew she’d found her niche. Her stories often have a touch of intrigue, suspense, or the paranormal, but the one thing she always includes is a happy ending. She currently lives in the South within walking distance of the beach with her very own real life hero. In addition to writing (and reading of course!) she loves traveling with her husband.

Claiming His Mate

She thought the house was empty when she broke in…

When jaguar shifter Lauren Hayes breaks into an alpha’s home to steal back what rightfully belongs to her pride, she doesn’t expect to be tackled by Max McCray, second-in-command of the Kincaid wolf pack. As punishment for her crime the sexy wolf shifter demands that she stay with him for one week. Knowing she’ll start a war between her pride and his pack if she doesn’t, she has no other choice but to agree, even if the thought of being near him 24/7 makes her scared that she won’t be able to hide her growing attraction to him.

Now he has a week to make her his…

Max has waited months to make a move on the sexy jaguar shifter and now that she’s broken shifter rules, he’s not letting her go. He doesn’t care that he’s a wolf and she’s a jaguar, claiming her forever is the only thing that matters. Unfortunately, not everyone likes the idea of him being with a feline shifter. Max is forced to choose sides between Lauren and members of the pack he’s sworn allegiance to in order to protect the woman he knows is his destined mate.


Moving quickly and quietly she went to the most obvious place to hide a safe. The closet. Nothing there. She searched behind picture frames next, then everywhere else she could think of before moving to the next room. The door was open to reveal an office.

Pausing, she could hear only the wind and waves outside. There were residual scents in the house but that made sense. She stepped inside the room, her boots silent against the rich hardwood floor. Two steps in, she realized she wasn’t alone. It was like an abrupt assault on her senses and her inner animal simply knew.

Before she could turn fully around, she was tackled to the ground by a huge male. Definitely supernatural.

Strong, muscular arms encircled her from behind, throwing her to the ground, the male on top of her. Somehow he managed to angle their fall so he took the brunt of the impact on his arms. All the air left her lungs in a whoosh as panic slammed through her. She hadn’t heard him, hadn’t even scented him. That alone told her how dangerous he was.

Though all her animal instinct told her to fight, she knew she was at a disadvantage. Going limp, she didn’t struggle. The second she was set free or her captor loosened his grip, she was running. Wolves might be strong, but jaguars were wicked fast. In human and shifter form.

“What the hell are you doing sneaking around in wolf territory in my alpha’s fucking house?” a familiar male voice said near her ear, a trickle of his fresh scent that reminded her of the beach in winter enveloping her.

She hadn’t scented him before, probably because of her own fear and panic at doing such a stupid thing—but now his scent covered her. She shivered at the sound of Max McCray’s voice. Kincaid’s second-in-command. He was supposed to be at the Crescent Moon Bar tonight working.

Lauren swallowed hard. “I want my family’s fucking jewels back,” she gritted out. There was no sense in lying. He’d be able to scent the bitter, acidic stench if she tried. She could normally cover her scent well, but right now she was nervous and couldn’t keep her gift under control. Blind panic hummed through her, her inner jaguar telling her to run, run, run.

But she couldn’t. Not with Max’s massive body on top of her, keeping her pinned in place.

She was ashamed to admit that she’d had more than a handful of fantasies about the dark-haired, muscular shifter with the piercing blue eyes. None like this, with her flat on her stomach and him behind her… Okay, that was a lie. She’d had those types of fantasies too. Of course they’d both been naked and she hadn’t been working as a thief.

“Such language,” he murmured, his mouth next to her ear before he lightly inhaled her scent. There was an almost sensual note in that voice.

She stiffened in his arms, worried about what the hell that meant. Yeah, she might have fantasized about the guy after meeting him once, but that was it.

He let out an angry curse. “I’m not going to hurt you,” he growled, as if he’d guessed her train of thought.

“How’d you know I was here?” she demanded even though she had no right to be making any sort of inquiry. Not when she was the intruder, the would-be thief.

“If I let you up, will you run?”

“What do you think?” she snapped, hating that she really liked the feel of him on top of her. She just wished she could turn around and see his face.

“I think you’re a fool to break into an alpha’s home right in the middle of wolf territory. Your fucking pride sent you? A child?”

Child? An unexpected surge of rage slammed through her. Acting on instinct, she reared back, butting her head right against his face. She didn’t hear anything break, but it hurt her head enough that she knew it affected him. Even if he didn’t loosen his grip.

He snarled low in his throat. “Damn it, woman. There are shifters outside posted all around the house. I’m letting you up. If you run, I’ll tackle you again. And if you manage to get away, another one of my packmates will catch you. They won’t be as gentle as me.” His voice was low, but it sounded as if he was speaking through clenched teeth.

She knew when to pick her battles and right now she needed to see how much trouble she was in. “Fine. I won’t run.” At least not yet.

Taming the Alpha
A Crescent Moon Story
Genre: Paranormal, Erotic Romance

After a year of lusting after his sexy employee, werewolf pack-leader Grant broke his no-involvement-with-humans rule and made a move on Talia. A month later the sex is still red hot and everything between them is perfect. Or so he thought. Until the night he shows up at her place expecting their usual ritual of mind-blowing sex and finds out she has other plans. And they don’t include him.

When Talia announces she’s tired of being his last priority, Grant realizes he might lose the only woman he’s ever cared about. He has to do something fast to fix their relationship, but she’s completely unaware that he’s not human. He’s not above using sex to bind her to him, but when she wants more than that he has a risky decision to make. If he admits the truth he risks not only his heart, but the safety of his pack and the existence of all supernatural beings as well.


Grant steered into Talia’s driveway and tried to slow his racing heart. It was no use. Knowing he’d be seeing and touching her soon, his body simply reacted. Every Friday night for the past month he’d been going through the same ritual. Get off work at the bar, drive straight to her place and lose himself in her all night. He didn’t even bother showering until he got to her house because she always joined him.

Afterward he took her hard and fast against the slick tiled wall, they usually made it to her bed. Sometimes they’d only get so far as the floor. Then they’d eat. The rest of the night he spent buried deep inside her. He wasn’t sure what he’d done to deserve her, but after a year of working with her on a sporadic basis, a month ago he’d finally thrown his no-employee—and no-involvement-with-humans rule—out the window and made a move. Technically he wasn’t her direct manager. She just worked at one of the bars he owned and ever since she’d started working there, he’d found himself making more and more appearances to see her.

Once they’d finally crossed that line, there was no going back for him. He could never be just her friend again. Hell, he’d never wanted to be her friend. From the moment she’d walked into Crescent Moon Bar looking for work, his entire body had flared to life with a raw, primal awareness that scared the shit out of him. He was two hundred years old and had always been in control of himself.

Until Talia.

The second her subtle lavender scent, combined with something else that was all her had wrapped around him, his canines had lengthened and his cock had stood at attention.

As alpha of the local pack in Gulf Shores, Alabama he always had to be in control. He owned six bars and one hotel and provided work and lodging for his entire pack. Getting involved with a human—no matter how enticing she was—had never been part of the plan. But he couldn’t seem to help himself. Unfortunately she had no idea he was a shifter or that almost everyone she worked with, were shifters too. He needed to figure out a way to tell her, but that wasn’t going to be tonight. When he was around her, talking always seemed to take a backseat.

After parking, he hurried up the walkway to her three-bedroom bungalow house. As he raised his hand to knock, the door flew open.

Talia stood there with a surprised expression on her face. Her shiny pink lips formed an ‘O’ and then she frowned. “Hey, Grant.”

As he took in her appearance, a frown fixed on his own face. She wore a halter-style red dress that hugged her slim body in all the right places. And she was showing far too much skin for his taste. Not that he didn’t enjoy looking at her. He just didn’t want anyone else seeing so much of her body. At the bar she usually wore black pants and a black tank top and even that drove him crazy. Seeing her long, tanned legs bared caused a low growl to start somewhere deep inside him. Her long black hair, which she usually pulled back, fell around her shoulders and face seductively.

She was tall, maybe five foot eight or nine and in her heels she was even taller tonight. He still had to look down at her, but damn, his throat tightened as he raked an approving gaze over her. “You look…” Stunning, beautiful, like sex-in-heels… Too many words assaulted him.

She cleared her throat and raised one dark eyebrow as she stared at him pointedly. “What are you doing here, Grant?”

“It’s Friday,” he said, figuring it was explanatory. He’d instructed the manager at Crescent Moon Bar to give her Fridays off because it was one of his few nights off. He didn’t give a shit if he was playing favorites with his employees. Spending these nights with her was something he craved.

Her frown transformed into a scowl. “I know. I also know you haven’t called the past two days and I also know you just expect me to be waiting here every Friday night for you.” She placed a perfectly manicured hand on her hip.

He pushed out a long breath and racked his brain for the right thing to say. What she’d said was true. He hadn’t called because he hadn’t thought he needed to. He’d been dealing with issues at his hotel and two of his other bars. He’d barely had time to sleep the past couple days. Right now he felt raw and hungry. For her. And she was going out?

“You have plans?”


“Dressed like that?” he practically growled.

Her head cocked to the side and a waterfall of her midnight black hair slid over one of her bare shoulders. “Like what, exactly?”

“Like sex.” The two words slipped out before he could stop himself.

She seemed pleased by his description which only infuriated him. Her full lips pulled up into a smile but just as quickly she glared at him, her green eyes narrowing. “Until you learn to pick up the damn phone and actually make plans with me, don’t expect me to be waiting around anymore. I’m not some whore for you to—”

“Talia!” He didn’t like to even hear that word on her lips. “I don’t treat you like that.”

“Well you don’t treat me like someone you’re proud of. When’s the last time we went on a date? When’s the last time you called just to talk to me? Don’t get me wrong, the sex between us is good—”


She rolled her eyes. “Figures you’d focus on that. Fine, it’s fantastic and we both know it. But that doesn’t change anything. I need more and I’m tired of waiting for you to pull your head out of your ass and realize that. Until you figure some things out, I’m no longer available for you.” Turning her back to him, she stepped completely outside, pulled the door shut then locked it.

He started to say more when the short burst of a horn made him glance over his shoulder. One of Talia’s girlfriends—one of his pack members—sat in a black two-door sports car. Before he could turn back to talk to Talia, she was brushing past him and striding down her walkway toward the curb. She didn’t even give him a backward glance over her shoulder.

Just slid into the passenger seat and slammed the door.

“Well, shit.” Grant scrubbed a hand over his face. Everything she’d said was true. And when she put into words exactly what kind of relationship they had, guilt bubbled up inside him. It tasted bitter and foreign and he knew if he wanted to keep her in his life, he needed to make some changes. Fast.


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