A note to my readers,

I deliberated whether to share the ‘why’ behind these changes on my blog. YOU, my readers, are what make this worthwhile and possible. Those of you who’ve gotten to know me and are part of my book club, A.C.’s Wicked Reads, or connect with me via social media or my newsletter, know that our group is a close knit community. 😉 I’m also extremely generous to my readers with distributing lots of advance reading copies, hosting giveaways, and I actively donate my books to charitable events and fundraisers.

However, I’m going to make some changes regarding my books and appearances moving forward. I want you to know that I’ve really thought about these decisions and what it means for the people who support me. I’m hoping once I explain the ‘why’ behind it that you’ll stick with me.

From now on any eBook that is novelette or novella length will be priced at $2.99. The only eBooks that I’ll price at 99 cents will be short stories (example: Winter Promises – Ever After Series Book 1.5 is a short erotica story). Full length novels will be priced at $3.99-$4.99 depending on word count. Box sets / bundles will be $5.99 and above, again depending on length.

My reason for the price change is simple. I’m an indie author which means that I have to outsource expenses to create quality books for you. While I’m fortunate enough to be blessed with graphic design skills and tech skills to format my own books I still have to pay for things such as editing, stock images, isbn numbers, audiobook narration, advertising, website hosting, anti-piracy monitoring… the list goes on.

See where I’m going with this?

I understand that everyone is price sensitive and we all have budgets for luxury items. Books are not a necessary commodity (though some of you will argue that I’m wrong about this, they are very necessary, and I feel the same way); they’re entertainment. However, a novelette or novella can be read in 1 ½ to 2 hours give or take. That’s your entertainment for an evening. 🙂 Heck, even a RedBox rental is $3.

I take pride in what I do and don’t just write out a story, slap a crummy cover on it, and throw it up there. My stories are well developed, written, critiqued, edited, and beta read. My covers are professional and polished.

Unfortunately, with retailer price/royalty structures if I price a novelette or novella at 99 cents I’m penalized for it by a reduction in royalty from 70% to 35% or to make this simple… Only 35 cents goes to the author.

So in order to continue to create quality books rather than a rough draft with crappy cover art I need to cover my expenses. And I figure you as a reader appreciate polished, quality stories.

Another change I’m making is I will only be doing one physical book signing or appearance a year. This past year I got burned pretty badly (as did readers) when a PR organizer canceled a multiauthor signing in New York and didn’t exactly handle it professionally or refund everyone’s money. Going forward to protect readers I will only attend one well established event per year and I’ll try to make it a different location each time to accommodate my fans. Signed copies can be preordered in advance. I’m also going to look into setting up some sort of method for fans to order signed copies online if you can’t make it to one of my appearances.

I’ve really agonized about these changes because I don’t want to disappoint the loyal readers who read each and every book I release. YOU mean the world to me and without fans like you I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. Thanks for always supporting my writing! I hope these changes don’t affect your continuing support.



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