Winter Promises

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Holly Ellis never liked Christmas but after being bounced around the foster care system no one could really blame her for being a Grinch. At twenty-two her feelings toward the season hadn’t changed or at least that’s what she thought. A very special scavenger hunt that Arie has planned might be exactly what Holly needs to change her gloomy attitude toward Christmas. This winter promises sensual delights that Holly won’t soon forget. But will Arie promise her more than just passion?


I grabbed the wine glass but couldn’t seem to get it down, even though I was hungry. Arie was so thoughtful, knowing intuitively what I wanted, what I would need to be able to follow his lead. My mind raced with the possibilities that could be waiting for me upstairs as I made my way to the polished white marble bathroom.

The fragrant smell of roses and lavender drifted through the air as soon as I opened the door. The tub was filled with steaming water. Bubbles and rose petals floated on its surface. Candles surrounded the bathtub, and another envelope sat on top of a fluffy towel which he’d laid next to the tub. Next to them was a gold gift bag stuffed with white tissue paper, with gold sparkles that were spilling out of the top. It was complete torture not to open the bag. I wondered how he would possibly know if I cheated. But I did what he told me to anyway, opening the envelope for his next set of instructions.

After your bath, open the bag. You’ll know what I want you to do. Once you’ve completed the task, go to the bed and look under your pillow. Don’t pleasure yourself while you’re in the tub. —A.

4 stars
by JC
An erotic treasure hunt leads to lust requited. Sexy and fun interlude, with a holiday backdrop. I like the cover art, too.

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Winter Promises
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